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A Flagship initiative project in BSR
European Rural Parliament, Gender Equality in Rural Development for Economic Growthndard
17 september 2014
Thematic Partnership, Winnet Baltic Sea Region, BSR
Thematic Partnership, Winnet Baltic Sea Region, BSR

The Baltic Sea Region partnership project, Thematic Winnet BSR (the TP Winnet BSR), holds the first conference and workshop in Vilnius, 24-25 September, 2014. The TP Winnet BSR is a result – spin-off of a seed funding grant from SI – for the ”Baltic Sea Region Partnership Platform for Gender & Economic Sustainable Growth”. For complete press release, see TP_Winnet_press_Release_Vilnius_24-25_September_2014_final.pdf

The thematic partnership – Winnet BSR – will focus on developing gender sensitive models and methods contributing to business development and innovation in SMEs led by women in ICT and in tourism.

The partners involved in the seed funding grant from SI and Winnet BSR was Winnet Sweden; Institute of Analysis, Diagnosis and Economic Forecast (Poland); International Women’s Forum (Poland). Winnet BSR also involves new actors in Sweden, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia. Winnet BSR capitalizes, as the seed funding grant from SI, on the Interreg IV C project Winnet8.

Project partners were involved in the following partnerships: Intereg III B Baltic Sea project FEM( Female Entrepreneurship Meeting in Baltic Sea Region) 2004-2007; the Interreg IV A Öresund-Kattegatt-Skagerack Interreg IV – A project Women in Business (2009-2011); the Interreg IV A South Baltic Going Abroad project (June 2011– December 2013).

Furthermore,Winnet Sweden was involved in the Interreg IV A Central Baltic project Quadruple Helix Central Baltic 2010-2011. Finally the long term-objective is to create thematic Quadruple Helix partnerships on Gender Innovation, ICT and tourism in all BSR countries. The TP Winnet BSR will therefore focus on – Sustainable Growth for increased prosperity; Development of methods
and models adapted to the regions which can contribute to business development and increased capacity among SMEs,
preferably in knowledge intensive services (such as ICT) tourism and cultural and creative industries.

The Aim of the conference/ workshop:
• To raise the awareness of the key stakeholders of the issues around gender and innovation, occupational segregation through highlighting the importance on economic and regional development for Sustainable Growth
• To ensure project aims and objectives are communicated and disseminated effectively to key target audience, in the
quadruple helix partnership platform in all BSR Countries
• To ensure the project is presented systematically and in a consistent and accurate way
• To optimise the results of the project and capitalise the WINNET BSR in the 2014 Regional Operation Programmes at
local, regional, national and European levels through clear and consistent communication
• To improve regional knowledge of how to design policies and action plans promoting women’s participation in the labour market particularly in Innovation and entrepreneurship, tourism and ICT generic – new technology
• To improve knowledge of the role of Women’s Resource Centers as actors for to implement Gender & innovation for Economic Sustainable Growth and gender equality in BSR.

In Lithuania
RVIC Rasa Baliuleviciene, vadybininke@rietavovic.lt
Laima direktore@rietavovic.lt
Laima Dockevičienė
Direktorė/Director, PI Rietavas business information center
Telefonas +370 448 68104 Mob. tel. + 370 699 17716 El. p.
direktore@rietavovic.lt www.rietavovic.lt

In Sweden
Britt-Marie S Torstensson, Winnet Sweden, +46 (0) 70 260 12 77,
coordinator www.winnet.se
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